A Healthy Appetite for Life

By Executive Chef Maryann Narkis

Most people find eating balanced, healthy meals a challenge, but this becomes especially difficult as we age. Seniors who live by themselves are more likely to have an increased risk of poor nutrition – even malnutrition.

It’s common to suffer a loss of appetite as our senses of taste and smell lessen and other physical or medical factors affect our interest in eating. Stress, dental problems or managing a restricted diet are other common reasons to neglect nutrition. Maybe you don’t have the energy or desire to prepare and cook a meal, or maybe it’s just too expensive or inconvenient to eat out. And sometimes, eating by oneself at home or in a restaurant may intensify feelings of depression or loneliness that it’s easier to avoid.

If you live alone, it’s important to find opportunities to make dining pleasant and fun. With a little planning and organization, you can ensure you’re eating regular, well-balanced meals and staying properly hydrated. Find a scenic spot to have a picnic, arrange for a meal with a friend on a regular basis, or change things up, like having breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast. Make time to prepare, cook and freeze meals in easily reheated portions. And eat with others whenever possible.




Eating healthy and beautifully prepared food may nourish the body, but it’s talking and laughing with others over a meal that nourishes the soul. My staff and I are proud of the dining experience that we’ve created at Plymouth Place™. Comfortable seating, crisp table linens, and sparkling glasses and silverware complement our well-lit and handsomely decorated dining room. We use fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers (and plan to be using our own organic herb garden this summer) so you can enjoy three varied, mouthwatering meals every day. If you have special dietary needs, our registered dietician can help you with menu planning and nutrition support.



The daily events and activities at Plymouth Place are designed to build a healthy appetite for both food and socializing. Here, food and friendship go hand in hand. We love to dream up ways to tempt your taste buds, from parties (like our monthly Birthday Bash), our Bistro Buffet (so many delicious choices!) and social activities offering the familiar (root beer float, anyone?) to the exotic (a cruise through Belgian cuisine!).




There’s a lot to consider when choosing a senior living community. (We have a handy downloadable resource that might help: “30 questions to ask about CCRCs.” To see if a community is right for you, make sure you experience at least one meal at each community you’re considering, not only to taste the food, but to really get a feel for what it’s like to live there.


I’m so confident you’ll love what Plymouth Place has to offer that I’d like to treat you and a friend to lunch. Just R.S.V.P online, or call (708) 482-6511.  I look forward to meeting you!

Bon Appétit!

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