A Letter to The Plymouth Place Community from Dale


I have written and talked about change often over the years. This time I am trying to deal with change in my life that may affect the lives of those of you I have spent so much time serving, as well as those with whom I have worked. This time changing is very personal.

I read a passage recently that went something like this: “<em>The crops have been planted and harvested. Now the ground lays bare until the next planting.”  </em>Was that year a failure?  NO!

Just as the year has its seasons, everything in life has its own cycles. It is inevitable.  There will always be a winter, spring, summer and fall.  The ending of a relationship may seem like a cloud, but really it is a new season that portends the planting and growing of new relationships.  It is, nonetheless, change contained in an endless cycle.

My question is “how can I make sure all this change doesn’t disrupt my day?” Too often my shortsightedness does not allow me to see the bigger picture, the world changing, or the continuing cycles.  We all want positive change, but we often resist because we don’t want to have our ingrained habits, established relationships, fundamental attitudes and treasured beliefs disrupted. The answer, I believe, is that disruption is part of any change.  It is part God’s plan that our universe is always in motion and changing.  We cannot avoid it.  Rather, we should embrace it.

I need to understand the change and plan for the next crop in the next season.   I will endeavor to change (some of) my ingrained habits, maintain relationships, but look forward to challenging some of my beliefs and attitudes.  I have to trust that whatever disruption comes my way, it will be a way to grow and enjoy the seasons.

The new season of change is upon Plymouth Place&#x2122; as we wind down this year. I suspect that 2018 will bring a new season with new and, probably, different crops that disrupt in new ways.  I pray that Plymouth Place will not only accept the changes, but also nurture and grow them into a new, bountiful harvest.

Embrace change. Embrace disruption.  Embrace new leadership.  They will happen anyway.  With the support and patience of Plymouth Place Residents and Staff it will be bumper crop in many seasons to follow.