A unicorn in senior living.

From our unmatched location to our premium resort lifestyle, The Arboretum Villas at Plymouth Place is truly a unicorn — highly desirable and rare. Our construction team agrees. In our latest podcast episode, they discuss how, when given a choice of area projects, they unanimously chose The Arboretum Villas.

“Plymouth Place was hands down the project I wanted to do,” said Todd Baldocchi, group superintendent at Pepper Construction. According to Todd, he chose this project because of the support and leadership of the Plymouth Place team, and for the blank palette to create this beautiful community.

“It had a feel of individual homes, which really…it was just cool.”

Steve Brouwer, project executive at Pepper, also requested this project. “It’s five separate buildings — six if you want to talk about the parking garage and the green roof. Just having that diversity in those types of buildings was really interesting to me. It had a feel of individual homes, which really…it was just cool. I can’t wait until the residents are moving in to see how happy they are with the place.”

It had a feel of individual homes, which really…it was just cool.”

“There is a lot of competition in the area,” said Nitsa Foundos, senior director of marketing for The Arboretum Villas. ”This had to be different.”

“It is,” added Steve. “There’s nothing out there right now with multiple building that are all connected and with all the amenities.”

According to Nitsa, the enclosed, connected walkways are a strong selling feature. They have floor-to-ceiling windows and will be heated or cooled. Residents can access all four Villas, the Center for Healthy Living and the restaurants and activities at Plymouth Place without having to step outside.

To view our connected walkways on our live action camera, click HERE.

“It’s amazing to me that you have these independent structures, yet they’re tied together,” said Steve. “I wouldn’t want to just be in my own home. I want to be around people and have that social aspect and this project allows that.”

With a mild winter behind us and over 150 construction workers currently on site, The Arboretum Villas is ahead of schedule. According to Todd and Steve, the Center for Healthy Living should be completed in mid-November. Residents will most likely begin moving into their Villas in January.

Only 4 Villas remain!

As we get close to selling out, interest is at an all-time high. To learn more or to secure one of our four remaining Villas, click HERE or call ‭(708) 722-7045‬.

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