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Emotional Health


Spiritual Wellness supports, encourages, expands, and strengthens the spirit in us all honoring all spiritual expressions and traditions.

Spiritual health and well-being are essential if we are to be whole. We are creatures who are wired inseparably as mind, body, and spirit.

At Plymouth Place, spiritual life is not merely an object or concept. It permeates the sharing of daily life among residents, families, and staff. Living the values of our faith foundation, the residents and staff of Plymouth Place respect, embrace and receive all who come to this place. Our diversity of skills, talents, abilities, thoughts, and beliefs strengthens today and creates hope for future generations.

The mind-body-spirit connection is evident from the smallest program to significant events, from spaces for quiet contemplation to studies and gatherings for worship and music. Staff is keenly aware that total wellness for themselves and the residents depends on the strength and vibrancy of this delicate balance.

The Plymouth Place chaplains meet everyone where they are on their spiritual journey. Many ways to enhance your spiritual life include seeking tailored counseling, joining support groups, acquiring conflict-resolution skills, and participating in programs catering to contemporary and traditional faith beliefs.


Chaplaincy is about the spiritual wellness of people—residents, their families, and our staff.

Chaplains and all team members use listening skills to understand one’s life experiences and faith traditions, and to focus on our mission of “honoring the individual’s right to experience life to the fullest” to create a daily scenario in which the human spirit of each resident and team member is honored. Chaplains assist in nurturing the human spirit or soul and further exploring one’s personal understanding of spirituality, be it related to religion, faith, or other beliefs. They offer guidance toward introspection and self-awareness. The goal is to empower all to live the way they choose.

What do the chaplains do?

  • Serve as a welcoming presence for sharing, exploring joys, concerns, fears, frustrations, happiness, faith—the list goes on. Physical and emotional health are addressed.
  • Connect with people on their level, where they are.
  • Walk with people as they discover new realities during health changes, deaths, or other life chapters.
  • Provide for religious needs and conduct worship services, serving ecumenically, interfaith, and those who claim no religious faith traditions.
  • Offer opportunities to explore creative ways to look inward, including labyrinth, mandala, art reflection, film discussions, coloring, meditation, writing, Bible study, science, and faith.


By investing in spiritual life at Plymouth Place, individuals can promote the well-being and comfort of their communities and support the critical work of our chaplains.

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