Choose to Live on Your Own Terms

By Sharon Sleezer, Director of Sales and Marketing

Seniors choose to move into independent living at a retirement community for different reasons. Some tell me it’s because they’re tired of working on their house and yard, and are ready to downsize. Others like the social aspect — meeting new friends and getting involved in new activities. Yet others say they just want to live somewhere they can be involved if they feel like it, or come and go as they please.

The decision to take control of your lifestyle is a personal one. But by making the choice while you’re still healthy and active, you can create a plan for the way you want to live your life. You get to pick a place that suits you as you age, not just when you move in. You have control over the kind of culture that surrounds you and the types of people you spend time with.

Just as importantly, planning ahead lifts the burden from your children having to make tough decisions down the line. As one of our Residents says, “If there’s one thing I preach, do it before you have to do it. Make that decision yourself. Don’t make the kids have to make it for you.” (Resident Testimonial video)

This kind of decision affects the whole family, and it’s important to talk it over. Conversations like these can be challenging for some family members. Here’s an excellent resource that may help. Find a time when you can be together in a comfortable setting and where you won’t be interrupted. Your loved ones will need time to process what you’re saying, so be flexible and ready to revisit your decision again over time.

Assure your loved ones that this decision will benefit everyone. Show them that you’re excited about the new opportunities for wellness, socializing and lifelong learning, and invite them to be part of your new lifestyle. In a community like Plymouth Place™, everyone is treated like family, and family members are always welcome. Plus, intergenerational activities bring all ages together in fun and meaningful ways.

If the prospect of downsizing, packing and moving out of your house is holding you back, we can refer you to companies that can help with the downsizing process. These experts can help you plan every detail of your move, from organizing and packing to coordination on moving day. We’ve also referred Residents to a network of real estate agents who successfully helped them stage, show and sell their homes.

I encourage you to learn more about the independent living options available to you here. Whether you’re after some tips on how to talk to your family, or you need financial details, I’m always ready to help. Call me directly at 1-708-482-6511 and let’s set up a time to chat over a cup of coffee or a meal.