Discover a smart home for seniors tailored by Plymouth Place!

When it comes to coming up with exciting, innovative and creative new ways to make the luxury and active senior living experience even better for our residents, the dedicated and passionate team at Plymouth Place never takes a day off!

After all, it is our commitment to creating the highest-quality living experiences that make us one of the finest retirement communities in the Chicago area, or any area for that matter.

In fact, we’ve been spending a lot of energy coming up with ways to help you save energy — and enjoy an active senior lifestyle too.

Tailored by Plymouth Place is proof!

What is Tailored by Plymouth Place?

Tailored by Plymouth Place is our exciting new endeavor that combines the best-in class luxury senior living for active adults that we’re known for with a suite of state-of-the-art home automation offerings to provide you the perfect smart home for seniors!

We’re proud to offer these residential upgrades in partnership with Silver Age Homes, a Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) architectural, design and construction management firm.

Silver Age Homes supports active and independent living by designing and building beautiful and functional spaces that allow people the opportunity to age in place, on their terms. We were honored and thrilled to combine our expertise and experience with the team at Silver Age, which includes Certified Aging in Place Specialists, award winning architects and designers, construction managers, and healthcare professionals. Each was just as focused as we are on creating an excellent home environment for our residents through our Tailored by Plymouth Place offerings. These optional senior smart home upgrades are available to improve the functionality and aesthetics of every room in your home.

We invite you to reimagine your residence, with optional features that enhance your lifestyle, comfort and convenience. By purposefully investing in the right enhancements and customizations, you can not only make your home yours and maintain your independence — but also enjoy greater comfort, safety and energy efficiency!

What is a smart home for seniors?

You may have heard the terms “smart home” or even “senior smart home,” and wondered “what do these terms even mean?”

For starters, a senior smart home is not something straight out of science fiction, like Star Trek or The Jetsons.

It is also not a costly and inconvenient, floor-to-ceiling home improvement project that alters the personality and functionality of your home.

Finally, it’s not a bunch of so-called “upgrades” that only manage to make doing simple tasks around your home more challenging and confusing (the kind you have to call us — or your grandkids — every time you have a question or to show you how to use it.)

Far from it.

Tailored by Plymouth Place, a senior smart home enhances your home by incorporating automated and/or pre-programmable features that make your day-to-day lifestyle more comfortable, convenient, safe, and energy efficient.

Ever lost something under your kitchen counters? Who hasn’t, right? Instead of scrounging around on your hands and knees, spot it in seconds with toe-kick and undercabinet lighting, which illuminate those hard-to-spot places.

Ever stumbled into a dark room fumbling for the light switch, only to stub your toe instead? Spare yourself from the embarrassment (and give your big toe a break) with smart lighting solutions that let you control your lights remotely. Put another way, if you’ve ever walked through your home and thought, “gee, it sure would be convenient if someone created _____,” a senior smart home does just that — and so much more!

But don’t just take our word for it…see our senior smart home in action!

Take a tour of a smart home for seniors at Apartment 115!

We were so excited about our Tailored by Plymouth Place project, and the opportunity to bring smart luxury senior living to our residents, we brought our favorite features to Apartment 115!

We incorporated these exciting upgrades throughout the apartment, including features like:

Open floor plan with island option
Upgraded (ADA) appliances with drawer microwave
Upgraded lighting (such as toe-kick and under-cabinet lighting)
Upgraded fixtures and accessories

Closet organization and lighting systems

Walk-in shower conversion
Upgraded fixtures and accessories

Smart Home Automation:
Smart lighting
Automated window treatments

Want to know more about Tailored by Plymouth Place and our senior smart home upgrades?

Or better yet, are you ready to dive in and incorporate some – or all – of these features into your apartment home?

If you’re not currently a resident, but would like to be one, start by finding a floor plan to suit your lifestyle and budget. We’re sure you’ll soon discover why our active senior living community is one of Chicago’s finest retirement communities!

If you are a resident, talk to us to schedule a tour of Apartment 115 and see for yourself all of the benefits of a smart home for seniors.

Tailor your lifestyle for activity, luxury and most of all fun with Tailored By Plymouth Place!