Frequently Asked Questions

Responses will be updated and questions added as appropriate

Does Plymouth Place™ have any residents who are COVID-19 positive?

Yes, unfortunately we have some residents who have tested positive for the virus. They currently receive all necessary care and treatment in our Dedicated Isolation Unit (DIU) in our health care center.

What is the Dedicated Isolation Unit?

Before Plymouth Place had any cases of the virus, a specialized, isolated area – DIU – was established with all necessary equipment, supplies and staff. Any resident who shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or returns from a hospitalization regardless of the reason for their visit/admission, is quarantined in the DIU, where they are closely monitored and receive all necessary treatment.

What policies have been implemented to maintain the safety of residents and team members during this time?

We continue to closely follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and have implemented comprehensive precautionary measures, which include:

  • Restriction of all visitors;
  • Strict adherence to social distancing;
  • Suspension of group events/dining/gatherings;
  • Delivery of meals to apartments;
  • Provision of groceries/household items on site or delivered by Hospitality Services;
  • Requirement that all staff wear face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE), per CDC recommendations;
  • Requirement that all residents wear masks in public areas.

Are team members screened when they arrive at the community?

Yes, all team members are screened when they arrive for work. This includes a questionnaire of signs or symptoms and a temperature check. In addition, clinical and support services team members have their temperatures taken halfway through their shifts.

Are residents checked on a regular basis?

Yes, all residents in Assisted Living and Memory Care have their temperatures and/or oxygen saturations taken three times each day. All Health Care Center residents have their full vital signs taken four times each day.  All residents, regardless of level of living, are asked to report any signs or symptoms of the virus immediately.

How is Plymouth Place approaching testing?

We continue to align our testing protocols with the recommendations from the CDC and IDPH. Any resident who exhibits signs or symptoms of COVID-19 is immediately tested and isolated until results are known. If positive, they are transferred to the DIU and subsequent testing or monitoring is performed on others who may have been affected through detailed contact tracing. If a team member exhibits symptoms, they are tested and sent home until the results are known.

May I visit with my loved one on the exterior grounds of the community?

Residents are discouraged from leaving the building, unless it is for a medical/dental/vision appointment.  Families have been very creative with waving from the parking lot up to the resident’s window or balcony, and we have iPads available for residents’ use to FaceTime with their loved ones.

How do you communicate updates or developments?

We have been and will continue to provide timely updates to residents, team members and appropriate family contacts. In addition to regular email updates, we contact anyone directly if we know that they or their loved one has had possible contact with a COVID-positive member of our community.

How can I stay informed of the community’s updates related to COVID-19?

In addition to regular email updates, developments and general information about the community can be found:

  • On the Plymouth Place website;
  • On the Plymouth Place Facebook page.