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Creative Arts

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Do you love to study art? The Art Connoisseurs Club brings together a group of fellow art lovers weekly to look at, discuss, and learn about all areas of art and art history—from the Renaissance to artists currently creating. Join us to attend art excursions and take monthly virtual tours of museums all over the world.

Do you need extra storage space, but plastic bins make you cringe? Consider joining our basket-making class. This ancient craft relies heavily on simple weaving and crochet skills. Learn to create elegant vessels that will spruce up any living space and amaze your friends and family.

Have you looked at a wedding invitation and admired the beautiful lettering? Viewing calligraphy stimulates neuronal activity that helps us to develop a broader vocabulary and write texts that are more comprehensive. Learning calligraphy helps us become more acute and increases the tactile experiences we lose when typing on mobile and electronic devices. Come learn more about this art form and create beautiful artwork while stimulating your neurons!

Enjoy learning the craft of working with clay—one of the most ancient art forms. Join the ceramics class to learn how to shape clay into your own beautiful kitchenware and other creations. Dig into this meditative, hands-on experience and become part of the tradition.

Textile art has been the backbone of human life from the earliest days of civilization and has been used to make clothing, tapestries, and so much more. Learn various fabric coloring techniques to make distinctive textile items. Apply bleed tissue and tie-dying techniques to silk scarves. Embellish tea towels with stencils and fabric paint. Produce fabric book covers with stamps and screen printing. The sky’s the limit!

From charming sculptures to soft and fuzzy hats, the felting class will teach you how to transform wool fluff into your heart’s desire. Perfect for individuals ready to branch out into new forms of fiber craft, felting is a versatile art form that is surprisingly simple to master and can be used for a multitude of purposes—from art to clothing to house items.

Whether you’re looking for a place to lift your spirits and clear your head or you just love to garden, you can find it in our greenhouse. Featuring microclimate-controlled temperature and humidity, our greenhouse is the place to learn about everything from cultivating exotic plants to growing food for the table. Be part of creating a year-round oasis for everyone’s enjoyment.

Intricate earrings, elegant necklaces, polished hairpins—learn how to design and assemble wearable, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry with polymer clay, glass-domed pendants, and resin. Create ornamental pieces to be worn for personal decoration or adornment, with versatile and limitless techniques.

Learn to make art out of anything at hand—even your old newspapers and magazines. A flexible category of art that combines painting and collage, mixed media a is a wonderful option if you like to bend the rules of creating art. It’s great for creatives who want to push the envelope and try something fresh, wacky, and just a little bit crazy!

Are you curious about making mosaics but not sure where to begin? Join us to see what it’s all about. You’ll learn to manipulate stone and glass into wonderful works of art and stunning pieces of jewelry. Mosaics are a great and versatile craft perfect for adventurous artists ready to try a new medium.

Itching to cross-stitch? Curious about crocheting in the round? Interested in trying your hand at trapunto? Whether you’d like to deepen your knowledge of knitting and crochet or branch out into hand-quilting, needlepoint, or macramé, this group has something for everyone. Needlecraft & Knitting classes are perfect for beginners and masters alike.

Build drawing skills using pencils, colored pencils, oil and soft pastels, and watercolor. In this class you will learn about composition, the masters’ styles and techniques, and different art materials.

Do you have a creative mind that wants to learn art? Our still life class may be the perfect experience for you. Still life drawing is a great way to build essential drawing skills like hand-eye coordination, creating shadow and perspective, and noticing finer details. Draw from life and be inspired to “see” in a different way.

Go with the flow and join us for watercolor painting. Paint in a relaxed setting and take the pressure off learning this fun and elegant medium with a community of other artists. Learn to paint from life and from imagination—indoors and on the go. This class is always evolving—just like water!

Do you enjoy knitting, crocheting, and other fiber crafts? Are you hungry for a new challenge? Take a run at weaving. Make your own fabric for clothes, home goods, towels, art—the possibilities are endless. Classes are offered at multiple skill levels, including beginners. Join a community with decades of history at Plymouth Place.

Moving to Plymouth Place doesn’t mean you have to leave your woodworking hobby behind. The Resident Woodwork Shop on the Lower Level can allow you to continue your favorite pastime. Experienced woodworkers will find a variety of tools, equipment, and workspace to pursue their “bucket list” or new ideas. Work on projects independently or with new friends. New residents often contribute favorite equipment from their home shops to update or expand the Plymouth Place shop offerings. Special key cards for this area are only available from Tony Sierzega, Director of Facilities.