You’re protected in just about every way.

LifeCare Plymouth Place Retirement in Western Chicago Suburbs

Discover the profound advantages of living with Comprehensive Life Care. If ever needed, you’ll have access to assisted living, Memory Care, skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation services and hospice care. These services are provided on our campus, so you know where you’ll receive care and who will provide it.

Tremendous value and estate protection

Your estate will never be depleted by the rising costs of long-term care. Comprehensive Life Care ensures this with two unique features:

    1. Future long-term care is secured up front, at pre-arranged and predictable rates.
    2. Your entrance fee is 90% refundable to you or your estate.

No other long-term plan in the area guarantees such comprehensive benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Comprehensive Life Care

It’s a financial contract and plan that provides all the services and amenities of independent living, with lifetime access to a continuum of care at predictable monthly rates. At Plymouth Place™, this includes assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and rehabilitation services. All care is provided at our community, keeping you close to friends and family, and eliminating the need for disruptive moves if needs ever change.

Because of the financial arrangements under which these services are provided, a portion of Comprehensive Life Care contract may be deductible as a pre-paid medical expanse. Please talk to your accountant or financial advisor about these tax advantages.

To learn more about Comprehensive Life Care at Plymouth Place, contact us today.