Music & Memory

Connectivity: The quality, state or capability of being connected. It’s a powerful word when you consider how much of our happiness depends on being connected.  Plymouth Place asks the question “What connects us as human beings?” Love, compassion, empathy, certainly. Laughter is a great connector. Think of all the people with whom we’ve bonded because of humor. What about the ability to share? Perhaps it’s the sharing of music, art, books or travel that connects us.



Music is a big part of our programming. Meet Bozana Sazdovski, Vitality Development Manager in our Health Care Center.  She experiences joy every day when she brings music to our Residents with memory loss through the MUSIC & MEMORY Certification Program, a program brought to us through a grant from Illinois Pioneer Coalition.  This program ensures families that their loved ones will have access to the transformative, therapeutic benefits of personalized music and marks our commitment to person-centered care.  The program is their tool for connectivity and Bozana has been a passionate leader of its implementation at Plymouth Place.




The Residents of Plymouth Place™ find opportunities to share, connect and bond every day. Our Life Enrichment programs are designed to complement and enhance the life of every Resident, in every part of the continuum we provide.  Let us inspire you to stay connected.  From live performances in Dole Hall by world renowned violinists or pianists to the little pre-school performers singing their hearts out on stage our Residents feel the joy performing artists bring to us on a regular basis.  Joy is contagious and certainly another great connector, isn’t it! Visit us soon and see for yourself all that Plymouth Place has to offer!