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About Us Plymouth Place Chicago Suburbs La Grange Park IL

Our mission

Plymouth Place™ is a retirement community that honors the individual’s right to experience life to its fullest. This rewarding lifestyle includes true independence and daily fulfillment. From social occasions to unique learning opportunities, we’re truly a lifetime enrichment resource for Residents.

Our history

In 1939, members of the Congregational Churches (later to become United Church of Christ) conceived a community where older adults could enjoy a vibrant lifestyle, with fellowship and the security of long-term care. Our doors opened a few years later in 1944. With our 75+ year history, we’re the most established nonprofit community in southwestern Chicago, and arguably the most recognized landmark in La Grange Park, Illinois.

Our community

We’ve built on that history to provide a retirement lifestyle second to none. From the moment you enter our beautifully landscaped grounds and pass through our doors, you’ll experience an air of hospitality. Staff is ready to make life more pleasantly convenient. Daily opportunities abound for fun, fine dining and life enrichment. And those who live here embrace it all, sharing their interests and zest for life.

Our winning proposition

Comprehensive Life Care is the most complete financial senior living plan available in the Chicago region. It protects your lifestyle today and your estate for the future. With a continuum of care secured at predictable rates, rising health care costs are no longer yours to worry about. With this plan, you’ll always have a place to live and receive the care you need.

No other community in the western Chicago suburbs offers all this. It’s no wonder so many people say, “Everyone knows someone who loves Plymouth Place.”

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Vision of Success Statement: Gain enlightenment (knowledge) and empowerment (tools and skills) to better understand each other and respect our differences for an inclusive culture.

We began our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey in May 2022 and introduced training to leadership. Our focus is on Awareness, Accountability and Application. These are steps to growing culture and improving climate—not just for Plymouth Place, but for any organization.

Understanding DEI will allow leaders and employees at Plymouth Place to excel at cultural competence, service excellence, and relationship-building.

We all have unique values, beliefs, and life experiences, and we bring each characteristic to work each day.

These are our 2023 Pillar Award winners!  Each employee is recognized for their care and compassion for residents and coworkers. Their presence and approach bring out the best in everyone they meet.  We truly have a diverse workforce with exceptional talent. Our commitment to DEI is showcased in this picture.

To learn more about living with Comprehensive Life Care at Plymouth Place, contact us using the form on this page.