Marti Tracy

There’s more to color than meets the eye. Marti Tracy is a testament to this very fact. For the past 35 years, she’s matched her wardrobe to the corresponding day of the week and even organizes her closet by the colors of the rainbow.

“I’ve always loved color,” she said. “I can’t really explain why it’s so important. It’s just a feel-good thing because colors have good vibrations, and we all need good vibrations.”

The science and psychology of color has been studied for centuries. In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton first discovered that white light passing through a prism separates into all visible colors—each made up of a single wavelength. Many cultures associate each day of the week with a planet and its corresponding color.

Over the years, Marti too has studied color and has shelves full of books on the topic. “Surprisingly, the brain doesn’t have an exact color memory,” she said. “But I always knew mine was pretty good.” In fact, Marti’s innate sense of color was verified when she went to a conference on that very topic. “We did a color matching test, and I was knocking it out of the park,” she said. “The speaker told me I have an accelerated sense of color, similar to people with a heightened sense of smell or perfect pitch.”

Although many color guides exist, Marti has developed the above chart based on her knowledge of colors, gemstones and crystals.

A gift you give yourself.

At Plymouth Place, Marti combines her passion for color with her zest for life. “About 20 years ago, I decided that when I didn’t want to take care of a house anymore, this is the place I wanted to be,” she continued. “My mother lived in a luxury senior living community. I learned from her the trick is moving before you absolutely have to, so you can be here and enjoy it.”

“My mother lived in a luxury senior living community. I learned from her the trick is moving before you absolutely have to, so you can be here and enjoy it.”

Like Plymouth Place, The Arboretum Villas is a gift you give yourself. In both of these upscale retirement communities, you’ll have your choice of over 100 activities per month including stellar performances by top musicians, cultural outings to the city, movie nights, themed dinner parties and aquatics classes. Yearlong, you’re connected to everything…from fabulous meals to therapeutic massages, art classes, invigorating lectures, weekly housekeeping and so much more.

Welcome to the Happy Bubble.

The minute Marti moved in she loved it. “This is my happy bubble,” she said. “Moving in is so easy because they have a service that can help you arrange things. You move in and you feel like you’ve lived there for a long time because everything’s in place.” Marti was also exceptionally pleased with the responsiveness of the staff. “They painted my apartment the exact shade of yellow that I wanted. When my son walked in, he said, ‘This feels like home.’”

Not surprisingly, Marti’s favorite color is yellow. “It’s a happy color and also one of the most intelligent colors,” she said. “It brings out your better thought processes.” Marti shared a story that a color research scientist conducted studies on what colors to paint rooms for different effects. They painted department store stock rooms yellow, and it cut down on employee theft by as much as 30 to 40%.

Bring color to your world.

Ready to lead a more vibrant life and have colorful neighbors like Marti? Call The Arboretum Villas at Plymouth Place in La Grange Park at (708) 634-4112 or contact us today. With only a few Villas remaining, we encourage you to act soon!

Want to know more about the science of color? Simply ask Marti next time you see her in the hallway. She can also explain how numerology plays a role in picking the accent color for the day. It’s absolutely fascinating!