Pat Allen

Pat Allen started thinking about moving to The Arboretum Villages when the development was only a possibility.

For a long time, the people of La Grange Park knew something new and exciting was being planned for the east campus of Plymouth Place. “For ten or twelve years, I had been talking about moving in here soon as [Plymouth Place] had new cottages or whatever the facilities were going to be,” said Pat. “I really was waiting for it. And I was thrilled when I saw it.”

“It” was the official announcement of The Arboretum Villas expansion. Pat and her husband, Henry, who have lived in La Grange Park for more than 25 years, were among the first people to put down a deposit. They had many reasons for doing so, chief among them being proximity to family.

“We have three kids, all grown; the closest one is in Downers Grove,” said Pat. “We have six grandchildren, and we spend a lot of time with them.”

Pat, a former flight attendant and a former attorney, was born and raised in Seattle. She met Henry, an antitrust healthcare attorney, while she was still practicing law. “We were opposing counsel on a case,” said Pat. “Both sides [of that case] came to our wedding, so it was successful. Our marriage has been, as well.”

Indeed, it has. Part of what makes a successful marriage is having many interests in common. The Arboretum Villas attracted the Allens for many of the same reasons.

“We like that [The Arboretum Villas are] detached, even though there are several in each building. You don’t go into a large building and go up in an elevator and down a hall, like in a hotel, which I did not want. We like that it’s walking distance to downtown La Grange, which is a wonderful community. You’re close to the train. You can get on a train and go to downtown Chicago and any events you want. I love the library here—I’m a big reader—and Henry loves the pool because he loves to swim laps.

“And we both love the setting, especially the arboretum part of it. It’s just wonderful. It’s the best of all worlds.”

The Arboretum Villas has everything to suit the Allens’ lifestyle now and in the future, which was another deciding factor for Pat.

“I think also in terms of health security,” she said. “I feel comfortable knowing that should one of us need assisted living or memory care or skilled nursing, we wouldn’t have to go out and vet different places. It will have been done for us. It’s here.”

For now, the Allens are thoroughly enjoying the present in their new home—pioneer residents in one of the most significant expansions in Plymouth Place history. A place Pat calls “the best of all worlds.”

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