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The Arboretum Villas Financial Options

Life care options, tailored to you.

Unlike neighboring communities, The Arboretum Villas at Plymouth Place™ offers financial options tailored to your lifestyle.

We are an entrance-fee-based continuing care retirement community (CCRC). What is a CCRC? It’s a community that offers priority access to a full continuum of healthcare services. You won’t have to leave our community to receive the future care you may need.

Your entrance and monthly fees will vary based on:

  • Your refundable entrance fee amount of 90% or 70%
  • Your Villa floor plan
  • Your contract type: Life Care or Fee-for-Service

Life Care Your Way

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are on the rise. To help protect your physical and financial health, The Arboretum Villas offers Life Care Your Way—a robust plan that secures your future healthcare needs at prearranged and predictable rates.

Life Care Your Way offers priority access to and discounts on health and wellness services, protecting you against the rising cost of healthcare.

  • 15% discount on Assisted Living
  • 20% discount on:
    • In-home health visits
    • Outpatient rehab/physical therapy
    • Inpatient nursing care
    • Transitional care/
    • Memory care

Life Care Your Way may qualify you for a tax deduction on a portion of your entrance and monthly fee, averaging 35%.

Life Care Your Way does come at a higher entrance or monthly fee. But 90% or 70% of your entrance fee is refundable to you or your estate, depending on your selection.


For individuals with long-term health insurance or who are comfortable with assuming a greater financial risk for future healthcare costs, The Arboretum Villas offers a fee-for-service contract option.

Fee-for-service offers priority access to healthcare services, but no discounts on care. You can change to a Life Care Your Way contract at a later date with a physician health certification.

Fee-for-service offers a lower entrance or monthly fee.

Fee-for-service does not secure you a tax benefit.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

It’s time to start living the future you always imagined. If you’d like to learn more about our options and pricing, please call 708-482-6511 or fill out the form below. One of our move-in specialists will be in touch.