Update 5.12.2020

May 12, 2020

Plymouth Place™ Friends and Family,

One of the greatest challenges during a time like this is the balance between the ups and downs, celebration and somber reflection. During a period where we rightly remain so focused on this virus, it’s essential we don’t lose sight of the amazing, uplifting opportunities that occur frequently at our community.

Like so many communities in Chicagoland and nationwide, we continue to battle COVID-19. While we still have several positive cases among residents and team members, we’re grateful and optimistic that a number have fully recovered. Positive resident cases continue to be largely treated and closely evaluated in our Dedicated Isolation Unit, while team members quarantine at home, per our protocols.

Our medical directors and national, state and local health experts continue to guide us on all COVID-related matters. This includes our reporting practice for any resident and team member cases. Equally important is our commitment to share honest, timely updates with the larger Plymouth Place family – something we’ve done and will continue to do.

Speaking of the Plymouth Place family, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible generosity and graciousness that helped us purchase the Tru-D SmartUVS. We would have made this investment regardless, but the philanthropic efforts from friends and families helped lighten our financial burden considerably.

This biotechnology, which will be delivered this week, uses UVC light to disinfect surfaces of rooms and equipment. It does not replace the need for regular cleaning, or the appropriate use of PPE, but will be used after we discharge or transfer residents, or when we suspect increased infection transmission. It’s yet another innovative tool in our arsenal against this virus and other pathogens that pose a risk to those we serve.

Tru-D is just one example of how we’ve rallied together under such inauspicious conditions. Earlier this month, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, friends and families paraded 140 colorful cars decorated with balloons, signs, music, horns and streamers around Brewster Lane. In a period of considerable uncertainty, it was a moment of levity and lightheartedness that unmistakably connected all of us in attendance.

Additionally, on May 5, we participated in #GivingTuesdayNow, a global event that offered friends, supporters, and partners of Plymouth Place the opportunity to get involved in our pandemic response. In the first 24 hours we received more than $9,600 from 30 donors to aid in our fight. We were deeply moved, and “THANK YOU!” doesn’t begin to adequately express our appreciation or gratitude.

As we move forward, we’d like to find more opportunities to share the positive with the painful – the balance that many of us continue to operate under. I remain immensely proud to lead this community in this time. Adversity has a way of illuminating our true characters, and I strongly believe we’re shining brighter than ever before.

Please continue to watch our website and Facebook page for any pertinent updates.

Stay safe and stay well,

Jay Biere