A Celebration of Love and Commitment: Seven Couples Renew Their Vows at Plymouth Place

Love was truly in the air at our recent wedding vow renewal ceremony, presided over by Rev. Dr. Christina Vosteen, Chaplain at Plymouth Place. During this moving celebration, seven couples reaffirmed their commitment to one another amidst the support and love of their families, friends and the Plymouth Place community.


Sweeter the second time around.

The vow renewal ceremony at Plymouth Place was a blend of light-hearted joy and sacred reverence.

“Unlike young newlyweds, these couples have lived full lives,” said Chaplain Christina. “They are saying the words of promise and commitment with their eyes wide open. They know the hard kind of love that comes with facing the unexpected storms of life like progressive illness, loss and disappointment. They understand what life is and they are promising to continue to love. That is amazing.”


Wedding Vows Renewed


A ceremony rich in symbolism and emotion.

A cherished tradition, the vow renewal ceremony was meticulously planned. A beautiful wedding arch set the stage, and harpist Nichole Young serenaded the couples with uplifting music, ranging from Mozart to Cole Porter and the Everly Brothers. Photographer Sharisse Grannan captured the special moments, providing lasting memories for the couples and their loved ones.


Wedding Vows Renewed


Prior to the ceremony, each bride received a gorgeous wrist corsage, and each groom received a matching boutonniere — all handcrafted by Victoria Dzierzbicki, Director of Resident Services of Independent Living at Plymouth Place. For the cake cutting ceremony, the couples received a personalized cake and a knife specially decorated by Chaplain Christina. A champagne toast capped off the event.

“Everyone got a little teary-eyed,” said Chaplain Christina. “It was really special.”

As further proof of enduring love, Rev. Doreen Sterba DeZur, Chaplain at Plymouth Place, hosted a vow renewal ceremony for three memory care residents and their spouses. Resident Susan Bode provided special music for the event. “This ceremony exemplifies the true meaning of ‘for better or for worse,’” said Chaplain Doreen. “These couples have withstood the test of time. It was very touching and emotional.”


Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony


Private celebrations available.

At Plymouth Place, the vow renewal ceremony is more than just an event. It’s a heartfelt celebration of the enduring power of love. For any couple who would like to renew their vows, Chaplains Christina and Doreen offer private ceremonies. To learn more, please reach out to them at CVosteen@plymouthplace.org or DSterbaDeZur@plymouthplace.org.


Our vow to you.

At Plymouth Place, we are committed to providing a supportive environment where love and community thrive. To learn more about our warm and welcoming atmosphere, please give us a call at (708) 354-0340 or click here.