We’re in The Wall Street Journal!

“If you want to see the future of senior living, look no further,” said Jay Biere, CEO of Plymouth Place. “We’ve thrown away the template and are changing the entire experience.”

As proof of our innovation, The Wall Street Journal recently featured The Arboretum Villas in an article highlighting the future of senior housing. The article also featured up-and-coming communities in San Francisco and Houston. “We are really honored to have this opportunity to showcase our community on a national stage,” said Biere.


Located in La Grange Park, IL, The Arboretum Villas provides the perfect setting for active adults 62+ to flourish and thrive. Before planning the community, Biere and his team conducted in-depth focus groups with baby boomers. “This community really is designed by the people who will be living here,” said Biere. “This gives us an incredible opportunity to offer the kind of lifestyle they are looking for.”

Top attractions for baby boomers include an abundance of social activities, premium amenities, home customization and financial flexibility. “We really cater to what our future residents want,” said Nitsa Foundos, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for The Arboretum Villas. “Here, you set the terms. Very few communities offer the flexibility that we do.”

The proof is in the pudding. Future resident Bob Denny was attracted to The Arboretum Villas for these very reasons. He and his wife did extensive research, visiting four other communities before making their decision. Top reasons for choosing The Arboretum Villas include the vast amount of green space, the premium walk-to-town location, the younger demographic and the unprecedented flexibility. “Other communities still have this mindset that people are going to be in independent living for only a short time and then migrate into advanced care. But this demographic is different. Our expectations are different.”


If you are interested in The Arboretum Villas, we urge you to act quickly. As of this blog post, only 6 Villas remain, and we expect to sell out soon. For more information, please click here.