Fighting Back Against COVID-19

In the 11 months since we started our fight against COVID-19, a great deal has happened. Keeping our Plymouth Place™ community safe has been our number one priority, and every step of the way, we have strictly followed protocols and guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

On January 16, you could feel the cautious optimism as the majority of our residents and staff received their first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations, expertly administered by Walgreens. We were thrilled and honored that the Chicago Tribune documented this historic day (click here to read the article). The second doses for the majority of our residents and staff took place on February 6, 2021, and a third clinic will take place later this month for those who received their first doses on February 6. More than 99% of Plymouth Place residents and 75% of staff members have chosen to protect themselves and others with this vaccine.

This virus is ruthless, and we have had to be one step ahead of it. Our investment in technology to eradicate any traces of this and other viruses, diligence in donning and doffing PPE, and precautionary isolation protocols resulted in exemplary reports by IDPH after their infection control inspections (to learn more about our safety protocols, click here). We have had residents and staff test positive for the virus, many of whom were identified long before symptoms began due to our fastidious twice-weekly testing so that we could swiftly isolate and begin treating them. Our Dedicated Isolation Unit protocols and selfless staff who have worked in the unit enabled us to serve the greater community by caring for COVID-positive individuals so they could recuperate and return home (one of whom loved it at Plymouth Place so much that he moved in permanently!).

We have had celebrations as residents graduated from the Dedicated Isolation Unit after completing their courses of treatment. We have also deeply grieved the loss of residents who did not beat COVID-19. Those people are so much more than numbers to us – they were beloved friends and members of our family.

We have learned a lot, pivoted almost continuously, laughed, and cried over the last 11 months. Many of the policies and protocols implemented will continue for years to come because safety and security here at Plymouth Place will always be our first goal. Our second? Helping our residents live a life they love – filled with social, educational, and wellness opportunities; eating really good food; belly laughing with friends; and staying connected to their happiness.