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We love our Residents!

See and hear below what they have to say about our community.

Don Johnston

Explore your interests and pursue your passions just like Don Johnston, who discovered his love for woodworking in the small town of Alpha, Illinois.

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Pat Allen

Experience the best of all worlds at Plymouth Place—just ask Pat Allen, a former flight attendant and attorney who eagerly secured her dream home with The Arboretum Villas expansion.

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Marti Tracy

Embark on a vibrant journey at Plymouth Place, just like the colorful life of Marti Tracy, whose every day unfolds in a vibrant rainbow of hues.

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“I was just floored by the Plymouth Place—the beauty of it, the cleanliness, and everything. And everybody is so nice. With the social life here, it’s like always being on vacation.”

“This next phase of our lives is an active phase, a busy phase, and it’s one we want to continue. The Arboretum Villas provides the environment, activities, and amenities that allow us to do all that.

With a single predictable monthly fee, your financial life is simplified a great deal. It gives me a lot more time to do other things that I want to do. But I think the value proposition is a lot more than just good numbers—it’s about how you use your time. For me, not having to track down service people and contractors to come in and work on my home is a huge advantage.

The ability to leave town in the winter and not worry about snow shoveling, whether the sump pump or furnace is going to fail, the mail’s going to be picked up—wow, what an advantage to not have to worry about those things. That’s what we love about living here.”

“When [The Arboretum Villas] opportunity came along, I said, “This is exactly what I’m looking for.”

I don’t think there’s any place that offers the advantages that The Arboretum Villas do. I wasn’t ready to go into a retirement community per se, but when I saw that the villas gave me the ability to have independence as well as the advantages and facilities of a retirement community, that sold me.”

“There’s no end to the activities. I’ve joined a bridge group and I like to play around in the woodworking shop.”

“I’ve joined one of our Resident committees. It’s very satisfying to have a say in the goings on. You won’t find a finer bunch of folks to work with than the Residents and staff here.”

“The most important factor for me is that Plymouth Place offers all levels of senior care, right here, as needed.”

“What first attracted me to Plymouth Place was the perfect location. Since I’ve moved in, I’ve discovered what wonderful people live here – the outstanding biographies and interesting backgrounds of all kinds.”

“My mother lived at Plymouth Place before it was rebuilt. I liked the idea of a new building. It’s really nice.”

“I moved in when I realized how much more I’d enjoy life without having to do yardwork or shovel snow or rake leaves. Here, someone does all that. I don’t even have to go grocery shopping, because someone else does the cooking! And I like that I made the decision while I was still able, so my family didn’t have to make it for me.”